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The History of Diplomatic Press Service

In the end of 1989 we began with the work for the first number of "Diplomatic Press Service". The very intensive work lasted a few months, especially because the proponents wanted to introduce one country with an accredited ambassy in Austria within each number of "Diplomatic Press Service".

On March 26th in 1990 it was done successfully. The first number of "Diplomatic Press Service" came out with a presentation of the Republic of Corea with about 34 pages. The average number of pages until November 1997 amounted to about 80 pages.

Since November 1997 the number of print runs increased up to 4500 print runs a number and this in at least six numbers a year. For that reason "Diplomatic Press Service" is leading in this section of publications.

In the beginning of the year 2000 we did another "relaunch" of our "Diplomatic Press Service". We changed very much and and improved the quality of aur publication for our honest readers and advertisers. Especially the step from digital copy to digital print and also a better quality of paper made our publication to a well-accepted paper. The fact that we always have interesting editorial columns and also interesting comments from guest writers and even the fact that we don't have too much adverts made our publication a well-known media.

The year 2001 also was a very important period in our history. The first number in this year was published coloured and on high gloss paper for the first time. In the beginning of the year 2002 we designed a new look of our cover sheet.

Each number of the "Diplomatic Press Service" contains single columns in a clear and concise way. Our spectrum of topics is like following: PRESENTATIONS FROM THE DIPLOMATIC LIVE, POLITICS, ECONOMY, TOURISM, CULTURE OF GOURMETS AND WINE, TRAFFIC, MOTOR and CULTURE. And of course we present also hints for LIVESTYLE, HEALTH and LITERATURE.

About ten pages each number are reserved to present one special country and for diplomatic information. As a result of the quantity and quality of information and also the area-wide distribution in diplomatic circles made the "Diplomatic Press Service" the most commonly read media there.


Edition UNO Journal

In the beginning of the year 1997 there was published an edition "UNO JOURNAL" additional to our favoured "Diplomatic Press Service". This is published time by time as a supplement or as an own paper in addition to the "Diplomatic Press Service" and shall represent the UNO and added organisations with their work.


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