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Sadiq M. Marafi – Ambassador of Kuwait

 Date of Birth: 17th March 1968

Married and has 3 children

Education: Degree in Political Science at Kuwait University in 1991


Professional Profile


Appointed at the permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations office in Geneva, from July 1996 until August 2012. Admission to the Foreign Ministry in September 1993. Working within the Ministry as Diplomatic Attaché in the Department of Asia and Africa. Appointed in June 1997 from Diplomatic Attaché to Third Secretary, further appointments in March 2001 (Second Secretary), March 2004 (First Secretary) and March 2007 (Counsellor).


Professional Experience (Achievements and responsibilities)


Participation in numerous sessions of the United Nations General Assembly. Chaired the Troikas of Angola at the Universal Periodic Review 2011. Chaired the Kuwaiti delegation in the committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2012. Chaired the Kuwait delegation at the Committee against Torture 2011. The Commission of the Human Rights and the Human Right Council and its committees. The Sub-Commission of the Human Rights. The International Committee of the Red Cross. Responsible of the Kuwait Prisoners of war file, due to the Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Participating in all Human Rights lectures and in the Kuwaiti reports related to the Human Rights conventions and Treaties.


Official visits with the official delegation of His Highness The Emir of Kuwait


Member of the official delegation to the United Kingdom – Germany – Italy – Syria –Lebanon – Jordan – Egypt – Mongolia – France – Mauritania – Morocco – Tunisia – Algeria – Turkey – Libya. Participating to the international Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria in Kuwait, 30 January 2013. Member of the official delegation to the Arab League Summit in Doha, 21-27 March 2013. Participating to the Asian Cooperation Dialogue Summit, 2012. Member of the official delegation to the GCC Summit, Bahrain, 2012. Member of the official Delegation to the 12th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference in Egypt, 2013. Member of the official delegation to Makkah Islamic Conference in August 2012. Participation to the Arab Summit and the Arab-African Summit, Libya.



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