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HASAN GÖĞÜŞ - Ambassador of Turkey


Personal information


Born on 23.10.1953 in Gaziantep

Married, one daughter

Speaks English (Fluent) French (Fair)

Turkish Embassy

1040 Vienna, Prinz Eugen Strasse 40   

Tel: +431-505 73 38

E-mail: hgogus))This is for spamprotection, please remove!((@))This is for spamprotection, please remove!((mfa.gov.tr



                                                Educational background


1965-1972                                                             Ankara College, High School,


1972-1976                                                             B.A on International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences,

      Ankara University 

1976-1977                                                              M.A. on International Relations,  Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University 


Diplomatic career


1977                                        Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA);


1977-1980                                                              Third & Second Secretary at the Department of International

Security Affairs, MFA;


1980-1982                              Second Secretary of the Turkish Embassy, New Delhi


1982-1985                                                             First Secretary at the Turkish Permanent Mission to the United

Nations, Office in Europe, Geneva


1985-1987                                                              Chief of Cabinet of the Under Secretary of the MFA;


1987-1991                            Political Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy, London;

(Also served as Representative of Turkey to the International Maritime Organization)


1991-1993                Director of Department for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, MFA


1993-1997                                                              Minister, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Turkish  Mission   to Organisation For Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE),  Vienna  

1997-2001                                                              Minister, Deputy Director General for Arms Control, Disarmament and

OSCE, MFA; (also served as Representative of Turkey to

the High level Task Force (HLTF) in NATO)




2002-2005                                                              Ambassador of Turkey to India (also Accredited to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives)


2006-2009                               Director General for Multilateral Political Affairs, MFA (UN, Council of Europe                                          and human rights issues)       


2009-2011                               Ambassador of Turkey to Greece 

2011-2013                               Deputy Undersecretary for European and EU Affairs, MFA (Europe, EU and the Balkans)



2013-                                       Ambassador of Turkey to Austria. 





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