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Faouzia MEBARKI, Ambassador of Algeria


 Familv Name : MEBARKI

FirstName: Faouzia

Date and place of birth: 07 June 1959 in Annaba, Algeria

Family status: Married, one son (Mehd, born in 1999)

Spouse: Ahmed MEBARKl, PhD in Civil engineering, Professor of Universities.



1977 Baccalaureate of the Saint Augustine Secondary School in Annaba

1981 Diploma of the Algerian Natio~al School of Administration, Diplomatie Section

2003 Diploma of Ceremonial from the Pedro GUAL Institute of Diplomatie Studies in Caracas.



ln the Central Administration:

1981 Head office of Central Europe

2001 Deputy Director of International Social and Cultural Affairs

2003 Deputy Director of Information Analysis and Management

2005 CES to Minister Delegated in charge of Maghrebi and African Affairs

2014 Director of Central and Eastern European Countries

2015 Chief of Staff of the Minister of Maghreb's Affairs, African Union and Arab States League.


In the Diplomatic or Consular Posts:

1985 Embassy of Algeria in Roma, Deputy Permanent Representative to the FAO, the IFAD and the


1989 Permanent Mission of Algeria in New York, Chief of the 3rd Commission

1995 Embassy of Algeria in Paris, Deputy Permanent Representative to UNESCO

2002 Embassy of Algeria in Caracas, Responsible of cultural and consular Affairs

2007 Consulate of Algeria in Bobigny, Deputy Consul

2010 Embassy of Algeria in Brussels, Responsible of relations with European parliament

2016 Designated Ambassador to the Republic of Austria and the Slovak Republic, and Permanent

Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna.



1993/1995: National Commission's Coordinator, in charge of preparations, for preparatory of the

fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing 1995)

1994: Algeria / UNPD Project's National Director for the organization of the National

workshop on « Women and Development »

1993: Expert to the ECA in Addis-Ababa, for the preparatory process of the International

Conference on Development and Population.

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