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Ambassador of Djibouti, H.E. Aden Mohamed Dileita

Born February 16th 1962 in Tadjourah, Aden Mohamed Dileita is married and father of four children. After he finished his high school years in France, he joined the School of International Studies in 1982.

Having graduated at the end of the academic year 1983-1984 he joined the Institute of International Studies at the University Paris II.

At the same time, he enrolled in the department of Amharic and Arabic at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (Institut National des langues et Civilisations Orientales, INALCO).

In July 1987 he defended his thesis, which examined the problems of the famine of Ethiopia and the international assistance in 1984-1985, with honors. Back home, Aden Mohamed Dileita worked from October 1988 to February 1989 as coordinator of a local non-governmental organization, the National Association for Economic and Social Development (ANDES).

During this job he acquired a good knowledge of the particularities of associations, which enabled him to work as program officer in the UNICEF office in Djibouti from March 1989 to March 1999.

Aden Mohamed Dileita’s face became familiar to Djiboutians since he headed the Peltier General Hospital from April 2000 to October 2005. He changed the workplace with his appointment as First Counsellor at the Embassy of Djibouti in India in early November 2005.

He held this position until June 2011. Aden Mohamed Dileita is today the Ambassador of Djibouti accredited in the Federal Republic of Germany.




Name:                                    Aden Mohamed Dileita

Date and place of birth:         16 February 1962 at Tadjourah (Republic of Djibouti)

Family status:                                     Married, 4 children

Nationality :                           Djiboutian


II – School eductaion

Primary school :         École Primaire de Tadjourah (1967 - 1973)

Secondary school:      1973-1977      CES of Tadjourah

                                   1977-1979      Highschool of Djibouti

                                   1979-1981      Highschool at Verneuil sur Avre (France)

                                   1981-1982      Highscholl “Jean-Perrin” (Lyon - France)


III – University Education

I982-83 : School of International Studies (Certificate)

1983-84 : School of International Studies (DIPLOM)

1984-85 : Institute of International Studies (Paris II- Sorbonne)

1984-85 : National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (INALCO) (Amharic-Arab)

1984-85 : Center for the Preparatory Studies at International Organisations (CLEPOI) (DIPLOM)

1985-86 : INALCO – 2nd year DULCO (Amharic and Arab)

1985-86 : CLEPOI - Preparation of a thesis for obtaining the title of «Advisor in International Relations»

July 87 : Defense of the tesis : The Problems of the famin and international aid in Ethiopia (1984-1985) (260 pages with distinction: Very good)



24th November 2011 –                        : Ambassador of Djibouti accredited in the Federal  Republic of Germany

10 November 2005 – 21 Juin 2011   : Premier Counselor at the Embassy of Djibouti in India

1st April 2000 – 6th October  2005      : Director of the Hospital Général Peltier (Ministry of Health)

1st March 1989 – 30th March 1999     : Program Officer (UNICEF-Djibouti)

1st October 1988 - 28 February 1989  : Coordinator of a national NGO: National Association for     Economic and Social Development (ANDES)



8th January 2015 :      Raised to the rank of Officier in the National Order of June 27


VI - Spoken Languages                                  Written Languages

•          French                                                            French

•          English                                                                       English

•          Arab                                                               Arab (average)

•          (Afar, Somali, Amharic)



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